Someone has seriously pissed off Mother Nature. Today is the second time in the past couple of weeks that the electricity has been knocked out by a storm. For hours, I’ve been without air conditioning, lights, and horrors of all horrors, the internet. And yes I’m being a little whine-y but there’s a point here, just hold on.

I love stories about time-travel or even set in another time period. But I’m well aware that they mostly gloss over some of the more distasteful parts. And I’ve realized there’s no way I could do without electricity or plumbing- or modern healthcare. A couple of hours without and I’m all ready to placate Mother Nature in whatever way I can so this never happens again.

If I ever  get stuck in any time before the late 1800s, I’m gonna have a hard time. I don’t know how those time-travelers do it.


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