I’ve recently gone on a reading bender. I’m just resurfacing from it and I’ve got to say I’m in love with Kindle Unlimited. I can borrow some of my favorite classics, the entire Harry Potter series (I re-read them for the sixth time.) and endless others. It’s like having a library in my pocket. The best part though is finding those books that you might not be able to find somewhere else so easily. It’s like unearthing treasure.

I’m going to share my find with you. The writer, Cassandra Gannon is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Her mix of science fiction, romance and comedy appeals to me in a big way. Her stories always make me laugh at one point or another. I will say that the editing is a little rough, enough to be distracting at times but so much that it takes away from the overall story. The characters more than make up for any blips in the writing.

These three, in no particular order, are my favorites. They’re such unusual and fun stories, I’d highly recommend them. And I hope to read more of her books in the future.


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